Clinton campaign will participate in recounts in WI, MI and PA

The Washington Post reported today that the Clinton campaign will participate in the2014875568549734_20 recounts initiated by the Stein campaign with an eye toward identifying any “outside interference.”  Stein has initiated a recount in Wisconsin and plans to do so in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

As mentioned in another post, there is a unique and substantive difference between the average of the polls and the vote in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.


State                            EV     %V                  Polls    Votes

Michigan                    16       C78.9              C4.1    T.3

Pennsylvania            20       C77                 C3.9    T1.3

Wisconsin                  10       C83.9              C5.9    T2.6

The second column is the electoral votes, the third is the probability of victory according to FiveThirtyEight,  the fourth is the polling average as reported on FiveThirtyEight, and the fifth is the percentage of votes as reported on RealClearPolitics.  The vote in the Electoral College is Trump 290, Clinton 232.  In each state, Trump out performs the polling average substantially and by just enough to win.

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