We have a petition you can use to express your support for Richard Painter’s complaint against the FBI for interfering in the election in violation of the Hatch Act:  The Painter Petition.  The organization has also started a petition calling on Congress to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Another strategy has been outlined by Trump himself.  He came to the attention of donald-trump-birther-the-view-abcpoliticians in this country with his birther campaign. Trump did newspaper and television interviews questioning whether our president was really born in the United States and whether he is therefore qualified to serve as our president. This was particularly troubling because Obama was our first African-American president. Rather than accepting the democratic vote of our citizens, Trump intentionally attempted to undermine our president’s legitimacy. He continued to raise these questions in a pubic way, until our president was actually forced to provide the public a copy of his long form birth certificate.

Trump outlined an approach that can know be used on him and no one is in a position to argue against it.  If he had a right to go around the country questioning whether Obama was really born in the US, we have the right to go around the country and social media questioning whether Trump is Putin’s Puppet (or poodle) and whether we now live in the United States of Russia. We can ask to see all the emails between his server and the Alfa Bank in Russia sent during the election.  This will put republicans in a difficult position: they will have to choose between the party of Reagan which stood up decisively to Russian expansionism and the party of Trump which gives them the green light — beyond Chamberlain: not merely appeasement but encouragement.  Trump had no evidence to back up his concern about Obama; you have seen all the evidence we have for our concerns. Trump has taught us how powerful social media can be when you consistently press with questions. What goes around….