The Tide Turns on Trump

Joe Scarborough is the conservative host of the talkshow Morning Joe.  He has defended Donald Trump at different points throughout the campaign.  It has led to some tense exchanges on the set.  But it appears Trump’s dishonesty about important national security issues has gone too far for Scarborough.  RawStory reported today,

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough on Monday suggested that it may already be too late for Donald Trump to save his presidency due to the “insurmountable” Russian scandal.scarborough

Reflecting on a Reuters report about three separate Justice Department investigations into Trump’s ties to Russia, Scarborough compared the scandal to President Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

“You actually look at Donald Trump saying, ‘I have not had any ties with Russia, I’ve had no business dealings with Russia,’” the MSNBC host observed. “And he just says that point blank. I think, these stories that come out, I think the political problems that follow — if there are all these front businesses — are insurmountable.”

On February 17th the first republican congressman joined the call for an independent commission to investigate Russia’s influence on the 2016 election:  Representative Walter Jones, from eastern North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional district.  On Friday, February 24, republican congressman Darryl Issa stated in an interview that he thought a special prosecutor was needed to investigate Russia’s interference in the election.

‘Last week in America’ something occurred.  Did you see it?   The tide began to turn on Trump.

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