The Week in Review

The conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin provided the following review of events over the last week in the Trump-Russia investigation.

  • Trump pal Nigel Farage has been named as another person of interest, adding to the number of pro-Russia nationalists in Trump’s circle who may provide information to investigators. (Farage met with WikiLeaks head Julian Assange, who published the hacked emails from the Clinton campaign.)

Nigel Farage and Donald Trump

  • Senate Democrats are pressing for information to make out a case of perjury against Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who originally said under oath that he had not met with the Russians during the 2016 campaign.

Sergey Kislyak and Jeff Sessions

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin engaged in some Class A trolling, suggesting that “patriotic” Russians might have been responsible for hacking into the Democratic National Committee.
  • Upon entering office the Trump team immediately set out to lift sanctions against Russia, according to a Yahoo News report. (“Unknown to the public at the time, top Trump administration officials, almost as soon as they took office, tasked State Department staffers with developing proposals for the lifting of economic sanctions, the return of diplomatic compounds and other steps to relieve tensions with Moscow.”)
  • Worst of all, Jared Kushner’s meetings with the Russians have turned into their own mini-scandal and political mystery.


And, there is a big event coming up next week.

  • On Thursday, former FBI director James B. Comey will testify in public, reportedly recounting Trump’s attempts to shut down the investigation. The allegations, if true, would make out a case (maybe criminal, but certainly for impeachment purposes) of obstruction of justice.



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