Grassley wants review of Chinese company’s marketing of deal with Kushner family

FOX News reported May 29th,

The head of the Senate Judiciary Committee is calling for a review of “potentially fraudulent statements and misrepresentations” made by a Chinese company in promoting property investments that are partly managed by the company of senior White House adviser Jared Kushner’s family.

In a letter sent to the Department of Homeland Security and Securities and Exchange Commission, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R – Iowa) asks for an investigation into the marketing claims made by Chinese firm Qiaowai Group to fellow Chinese investors of the One Journal Square project in Jersey City, N.J. The claims in question center on the promotion of the project to potential investors who seek to immigrate to the U.S. through the EB-5 investor visa program.

“As I’m sure you are aware, recent press reports indicate that Qiaowai has touted its relationship with the current administration as a guarantee that potential EB-5 investors will receive lawful permanent residence in return for a no-risk investment in One Journal Square,” Grassley wrote in his letter….

Grassley’s letter is the latest in a series of stories related to allegations that the Kushner family used their connections to the Trump administration to advance their business. Jared Kushner’s sister Nicole Meyer came under scrutiny earlier this month for purportedly using her brother’s role in the Trump administration to attract investors.


Jared Kushner and Nicole Meyer and a rendering of One Journal Square (Photo by PATRICK MCMULLAN/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

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