Advertisers Leave Hannity for His Use of Fake News

CBS News reported this evening,

The Chicago-based said it had been watching Hannity’s show closely and decided to suspend its backing.

Peloton, an at-home cycling company, announced plans on Twitter to stop advertising on Hannity’s show.

CBS News reached out to Peloton for comment but has yet to receive a response.

Hannity has recently come under fire for giving coverage to conspiracy theories about the unsolved Washington, D.C. murder of a young DNC staffer, which Fox News later retracted.

Fox News Retracts DNC Staffer Conspiracy Story, But Hannity Keeps It Alive, NPR

Sean Hannity’s conspiracy theory puts pressure on Fox, CNNMoney

Sean Hannity, a Murder and Why Fake News Endures, The New York Times


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