Eric Trump said Russians financed golf courses, author insists

The Charlotte Observer reported May 14th,

A longtime journalist and author said Sunday he remains steadfast in what Donald Trump’s son Eric told him on a Lake Norman golf course in 2013: that the Trumps relied on Russian backers to finance their golf courses.

Eric Trump went on Twitter last Monday to deny that he told James Dodson, co-author of Arnold Palmer’s memoir, a Ben Hogan biography and other books, that the Trumps relied on Russian financiers as they bought and renovated courses.

“This story is completely fabricated and just another example of why there is such a deep distrust of the media in our country #FakeNews,” Eric Trump said.

But on Sunday, Dodson insisted that Eric Trump did tell him about Russian investors. And two colleagues of Dodson – including one who had helped develop golf in Russia – said Dodson told them back in 2013 what Eric Trump said about Russian financial backing.

trump dobson new

Donald Trump and James Dodson in August of 2013 courtesy of Ron Green Jr.

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