Fake News

New Developments with Fake News

Yahoo News reported today,

It might be possible to prevent people from falling prey to fake news by “inoculating” them with warnings that false information is out there, new research suggests.

In an online study, scientists warned people about the type of misinformation they might encounter in a subsequent statement.  This warning prevented the false information from taking hold in a way that wasn’t possible by simply providing people with correct facts after giving them a false statement, the researchers reported January 23rd in the journal Global Challenges.

Fortune reported today,

One step that Facebook (FB, +1.10%) is taking is to alter the way its “Trendingfake-news-invasion Topics” section works in order to try and keep fake news items from moving up that leaderboard, which sits in the upper right-hand section of every user’s page. The change was announced on Wednesday in a blog post.

Instead of ranking topics based purely on the number of people sharing, liking, or commenting on them, Facebook says it will now look at whether those topics or stories are also being covered by a wide range of other publishers and media outlets. The company said it hopes this will reduce the likelihood of having an article from a fake-news website dominating the trending topics.

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