The Mounting Evidence of a Conspiracy to Influence the Election

Why hasn’t Rudy Giuliani received an appointment from Trump to join his administration?  Attorney and Assistant Professor Seth Abramson provides a compelling argument in a recent essay.  During the campaign Giuliani was involved in violations of the Hatch act: he helped the FBI leak information in a manner that influenced the election.  This Abramson argues is the real reason Trump is overlooking Giuliani.

Abramson writes FBI agents first found the emails on Clinton’s assistant’s computer on October 3rd.

Agents investigating Anthony Wiener out of the New York field office of the FBI receive a computer Wiener previously shared with his estranged wife Huma Abedin. The agents immediately discover emails from Clinton on the computer. They tell no one else within the FBI. Indeed, instead of asking Director Comey to get a warrant to view the emails, or asking Wiener or Abedin directly for permission to read the emails—as both Wiener and Abedin were cooperative FBI witnesses at that point—they spend weeks searching through the emails’ “meta-data” (that is, “to” and “from” fields within individual emails). No one knows why they do this. The emails aren’t relevant to their investigation, and, even if they were, they’d have multiple avenues—including all three of Comey and Wiener and Abedin—to get full access to the email archive on Wiener’s computer.

Abramson describes these FBI agents sitting on this evidence without justification until October 27th, when they spring it on Director Comey and “demand” that he re-open the Clinton investigation before Election day.

giuliani-fox-and-friendsDuring this period in October when the FBI agents are sitting on this information, Abramson notes that Giuliani made repeated comments that suggested he was aware of the information.  On October 25th during an interview on Fox & Friends Giuliani hinted of an October surprise in the offing.  The next day on CNN Giuliani says of Comey, “I think he’s got a surprise or two that your gonna hear about in the next few days.  I mean I am talking about some pretty big surprise”(12).

Then on October 28th, Rudy Giuliani states on The Lars Larson Show that he received information about the ongoing Clinton investigation “from former agents” and “even from a few active agents who obviously don’t want to identify themselves” (1 minute and 20 seconds into this video).

giuliani-cnn-2Abramson explains there is a reason these active agents do not want to identify themselves.  They are violating the Hatch Act.  It prevents government officials from exercising their jobs in a way that influences an election.  After Giuliani made these comments, a letter was sent to the Inspector General from Senators Elijah Cummings and John Conyers calling for an investigation of the FBI leaks and Giuliani’s behavior.  Giuliani also immediately began to walk back his comments.

Abramson provides compelling evidence Giuliani was working with the FBI agents on the ground that discovered the Clinton emails on her assistants computer.  He suggests together they created a momentum Comey could not oppose.  If Comey did not announce the FBI was investigating these new Clinton emails, there is good reason to believe Comey thought someone else probably would.  It would have been hard for Comey to miss all the leaked information from his organization Giuliani was discussing on Fox and CNN.

Abramson argues if Trump were to appoint Giuliani to a cabinet post, like Secretary of State, which requires senate confirmation, then Giuliani would face questions about what he knew about the FBI’s investigation of Clinton and when did he know it?  This Abramson argues is the real reason Giuliani has not been invited to join the Trump administration.

Abramson provides a compelling argument.  He demonstrates we have evidence the Trump campaign through Rudy Giuliani was conspiring with the FBI to influence the election.  We also have evidence the Trump campaign was conspiring with top Russian officials.  Evidence recently uncovered in a detailed investigation by The New York Times provides independent support for evidence provided in an investigation by Yahoo News in September which alleged a Trump campaign foreign policy advisor met with top Russian officials in July.   We now know the information stolen by Russian hackers was first leaked to the public right after this meeting took place.

The evidence is beginning to mount.  It suggests the Trump campaign conspired with both the FBI and the Russians to influence the U. S. election.

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