Fake News

Obama Orders Sweeping Review Of International Hacking Tied To U.S. Elections

NPR, along with all the major newspapers, reported today that,

gettyimages-509200438_custom-2378fb3f6bc795d7c73f5245f1998affb0b2d2de-s900-c85President Obama has ordered the intelligence community to conduct a “full review” of “malicious cyber activity” timed to U.S. elections, the White House said Friday.

The review will go all the way back to the 2008 campaign when China was found to have hacked both the Obama and McCain campaigns, White House spokesman Eric Schultz said at a Friday press briefing.

This review will be delivered before he leaves office.  At that point, he will determine what information to share with the public.  President-elect Trump has continually doubted that Russia was responsible for interfering in the election.  It did not appear likely that he would call for such an investigation.  President Obama’s decision insures that an investigation will be done.

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