Fake News

Texas official defends sharing fake news on Facebook

The New York Post reported today that,

The commissioner of agriculture in Texas is doubling-down on his penchant for spreading fake news online, saying he’ll continue sharing stories that his 340,000 Facebook followers will need to determine whether they’re “news, satire, or something else.”

Sid Miller said he had news of his own to share with the Texas Tribune and their “liberal elite media friends” in a Facebook sid-millerpost in response to the website’s analysis on Saturday of his tendency to share fake news stories on social media. The website published a follow-up story on Wednesdayciting comments Miller made to KUT News that he was not a “news organization,” claiming it’s “just” Facebook….

Miller on Wednesday told KUT News that he had no plans of changing his online ways.

“Hundred and fifty posts a week. No, I’m not going to research every one of them,” Miller told KUT News’ Nathan Bernier. “If it’s thought-provoking, I’ll put it up there and let the readers decide. Everyone that reads that is grown ups. It’s like Fox News: I report, you decide if it’s true or not.”

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