Trumps asks and the Russians oblige

412389Malcolm Nance notes in his recent book The Plot to Hack America that on July 27, 2016 Donald Trump asked the Russians to hack into the emails of his opponent during a press conference (2247 Kindle version).  This request was covered by most of the major news networks.  The next day the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee reported that its computer system was hacked.  None of the major networks or newspapers discussed any connection between these two events.  Politico reported on July 28th that,

Hackers apparently affiliated with Russian intelligence have launched a cyberattack targeting donors to the Democratic Party’s House campaign arm, sources and news reports said Thursday night, adding to the troubles unleashed by last week’s disclosure of embarrassing internal emails from the Democratic National Committee.

The latest hack, aimed at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, was perpetrated by one the two Russian-based groups previously blamed for rifling through the DNC’s computer networks and making off with emails and other documents, a security expert familiar with the latest breach told POLITICO….

Also on Thursday, two dozen former Republican national security officials urged Congress in a letter to investigate the DNC breach, calling it “an assault on the integrity of the entire American political process.”

“This is not a partisan issue,” argue the letter’s signers, including Ronald Reagan State Department official Robert Kagan, George W. Bush deputy national security adviser Elliott Abrams and former John McCain speechwriter Mark Salter. The letter was first reported by The Washington Post.

The news conference were Trump make his request is below.

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