Share details on Russia hack: Gabriel Schoenfeld

USA Today published an article on November 20th by Gabriel Schoenfeld that provided a compelling argument that President Obama should provide the public all the information the government has on the Russian effort to influence the election before he leaves office.  Schoenfeld concludes,

The Russia-WikiLeaks assault on our electoral process was one of the most consequential influence operations in modern history. The public deserves a full accounting of exactly what happened. The intelligence community should lay out what it knows….160905-obama_putin-0745_f01e0066ee563aaa3dcbe555cd8cfa93-nbcnews-ux-2880-1000

The stakes here could not be higher. If we do not obtain a documented account before Inauguration Day of what we have just witnessed, the incoming Trump administration will have every incentive to erase the evidentiary trail and bury the truth. Trump has exhibited no compunctions about falsifying far more trivial things. His designated National Security Adviser, retired general Michael Flynn, is a brazen Putinophile who has taken money from RT, Moscow’s principal English-language propaganda organ. He will only be too happy to go along.

As we draw closer to the moment Trump takes the oath of office, the American people deserve an accounting that clears up as thoroughly as possible all questions about one of the many extraordinary aspects of the 2016 presidential campaign: how a candidate favored by Russia, and who favors Russia, was helped by Russia to ascend to the most powerful position in the world.

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