FBI is investigating its Twitter account over election tweets

The New York Post reported on November 3 that,

The FBI is investigating one of its own Twitter accounts after it posted a dossier on Bill Clinton’s controversial pardon of Marc Rich in 2001, it was reported Thursday.

FBI Director Robert Muller Speaks About Bureau ReformsThe FBI’s assistant director in the office of professional responsibility, Candice Will, confirmed the investigation had been referred to the FBI’s inspection division, according to Think Progress, a Web site of the Center for American Progress, which is tied to Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.

Despite Will’s statement, an FBI official told The Post a computer glitch was responsible for the unexpected release right before the election and said it’s “unlikely” an investigation will actually take place.

CNN reported on November 1st that, “A law enforcement official told CNN that the Twitter account is an automatic feed and the tweets are not done manually. The official said the feed was down for a year until Sunday, when it was fixed and then began tweeting automatically.”  The explanation provided by the official uses the term automatic repeatedly and refers to several laws and procedures, but it does not provide an explanation for why the twitter feed was fixed one week before the election after being down for over a year.

The explanation provided by the official in the CNN article made no reference to a “computer glitch.”  It is also obvious that a “computer glitch” cannot explain why the twitter feed was fixed.  The explanations provided by FBI officials raise suspicion, as does the present state of the situation: the FBI is investigating itself.

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