Inspector General asked to Investigate the Revolution in the FBI

Rudy Giuliani made comments to Martha MacCallum during an interview two days before the Comey announcement that appeared to suggest he knew what was coming.

Giuliani: And I think he’s got a surprise or two that your gonna hear about in the next few days.  I mean I am talking about some pretty big surprise.

MacCullum:  I heard you say that this morning.  What do you mean?

Giuliani:  You’ll see (he laughs).

MacCullum:  Your lucky because we are out of time.  We got to go.

Guiliani: We are not going to go down.  We are certainly not going to stop fighting.  We have got a couple things up our sleeve that should turn this around.  Even the liberal polsters will get to see it.

In the interview below on November 4th, Giuliana was asked about his comments. Giuliani said he heard from former FBI agents that there is a revolution taking place in the FBI.  FBI agents that support Trump were angry the FBI Director did not bring 2016-07-05_rudy_giuliani_james_comeycharges against Secretary Clinton earlier in the year.  Giuliani suggests these agents have been unable to successfully prosecute Secretary Clinton in the past and they have become angry. He says he thought this anger might boil over “three or four weeks ago.”

Steve Doocy then says that is why FBI agents are leaking information at the 11th hour (5:16).  Giuliani says, “Why shouldn’t they?  Who are these agents?  You see they are not the Clinton lackeys or the Obama lackeys….”

The timing of the Comey message to congress 11 days before the election has been an obvious point of concern.  It came when Clinton’s lead was trending up and there was nothing on the horizon to change the dynamic.  Clinton had successfully negotiated the debates and the video was released that included Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women.  More and more women were coming out confirming his comments.  Clinton’s path to victory seemed pretty clear.

Giuliani’s comments provide evidence that the timing of Comey’s message to congress was not determined because the FBI found a laptop they forgot to search; it was determined because of this frustration in FBI agents that was eventually going to boil over.  This boiling over also appears to provide an explanation for the FBI’s tweet about Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich one week before the election.   This frustration in the FBI had to build to a boiling point as Secretary Clinton began to pull away after the debates and the video of Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women surfaced.   At this point, Comey must have realized the frustration among agents Giuliani is describing.  The Huffington Post reported on November 5th that there was a whirlwind week of leaks from the FBI that appear intended to cast a shadow over Clinton. Comey must have realized that if he did not do something, the leaks would only get worse undermining both our democracy and the credibility of the FBI.  In order to head this off and put the best face on the situation, Comey was forced to send a big leak to congress himself.

In this more reasonable scenario, the timing of the Comey announcement is determined by the fact that the republican’s chance of victory was beginning to slip away; not because any new evidence was uncovered.  You will notice that Giuliani never says the Comey announcement was made because new evidence was uncovered.

In a letter sent on November 4th, Congressmen Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.) and John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) called on the Inspector General to investigate the leaks from the FBI and referenced Giuliani’s comments.  “These unauthorized and inaccurate leaks from within the FBI, particularly so close to a presidential election, are unprecedented,” the legislators wrote.

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